Network Consulting Services

Network Management

Large complex networks that allow thousands to connect or the smaller network that just a few connections, and everything else in between. They all need to be managed. We’ve managed

  • Networks that connected offices from coast to coast
  • Wireless networks that allowed business owners, employees, and their customers connect on (2) different networks. One for the employees and office staff and one open to the public, while providing security on both

A fast and secure network are the key to what’s needed in the digital age. By allowing us to become your network managers, we’ll:

  • keep it running fast
  • keep it running smooth
  • keep is secure

Wireless Networks

Wireless data networking will allow your business to operate more efficiently in many different ways. The elimination of wires and cables can improve quality of your office space, but it can also speed up your overall efficiency and production, as well as your general IT issues and internal computer and technology usage.

Having a lightning fast wireless network is essential for businesses these days, whether it’s connecting your computers, devices and mobile as a web or technology company, or simple to connect devices in your office related to administration and general day-to-day technologies. LeapFrog Computers Consulting can efficiently optimize and monitor and automate your wireless network system, as well as protecting your data with the latest security checks and virus protection.

Network Security

In 2015, 117,866,236 personal records (held by financial institutions), where exposed according to a report published by ITRC Data Breach Report. In 2017, (as of Many 10, 2017), that number has reached 898,085,144 that’s a 661% increase.

So I’ll ask you this simple question. “Is Your Network Secure”?

If you answered “No or I’m Not Sure”, we need to have a conversation, so this doesn’t happen to you.

The ways in which our managed network services can help you:

  • Configure and maintain your business’ computer network
  • Install, configure and maintain your network hardware
  • We use and recommend FirtiGate gateways, routers, and switches
  • Deploy and manage antivirus, firewalls and other diagnostic applications to ensure reliable security
  • Deliver managed network services that regulate user access within the company so that sensitive data is always protected against all security breaches

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