Computer Consulting Services

IT Consulting

Consulting has become the new “Buzz” word, but we’ve been doing this for the past 20 years, with great results for our clients.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Onsite & Remote Desktop Management & Support
  • Paperless Systems
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Networks (wired & wireless)
  • Network Security (against malware, ransomware, spyware & virus’)
  • VPN & Remote Access
  • Website Design / Redesign & Development
  • Power Point Presentations & Graphics

Desktop Support

It’s the middle of the week and your meeting with a new client on Friday. You’ve been crushing it, preparing your materials and putting the final touches on your PowerPoint, only to be hit with:

  • a virus
  • malware/spyware or even worse, ransomware
  • hard drive crash
  • network down

You fill in the _______. We can get you back on track to blow your client away, with that PowerPoint you’ve been working on. We achieve this in on of two ways:

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote Support

With “Remote Support”, we utilize remote management software to take complete control of your computer. Allowing us to fix the problem and put the control back in your hands.

If we are unable to reach your computer by the internet, we will schedule an “Onsite Support” appointment. In most cases, within 24 hours.

Mobile Devices Integration

In today’s world, we live on our smartphones and tablets, our “Devices”. From checking emails, using Waze for driving directions and everything in-between. But what happens when you get to the office?

  • Do you put your phone or tablet away?
  • Do you now only check email on your office computer?

What if you could find a way to bridge both worlds. Use your phone in a mobile and secure environment, accessing that spreadsheet on your table.

We can help you find the best solutions available like:

  • your devices are now connected to a secure wireless network
  • automatically connection when you arrive & automatically disconnection when you leave
  • protecting sensitive data from being accessed, leaked or stolen
  • remotely access data away from the office securely

The world is mobile, you should be too!

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